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State Bank of India (SBI) List of IFSC Code Branches in Hyderabad District
IFSC Code SBI A P High Court BrIFSC Code SBI Abid Road-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI AbidsIFSC Code SBI Ac Guards-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI AdarshnagarIFSC Code SBI Adityanagar
IFSC Code SBI Administrative Office-Ii-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Agapura-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Agri Commercial BranchIFSC Code SBI Agriculture Business Branch-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Air Cargo ComplexIFSC Code SBI Aliabad-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI AlkapuriIFSC Code SBI Amaravatiadministrativeandbusinessunit
IFSC Code SBI Amberpet-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Ameerpet
IFSC Code SBI Anand Nagar HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Anandbagh
IFSC Code SBI Anandbagh-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Aoc Centre
IFSC Code SBI ApsrtcIFSC Code SBI Arora Colony
IFSC Code SBI Artillery CentreIFSC Code SBI As Rao Nagar Secunderabadd
IFSC Code SBI Ashok NagarIFSC Code SBI Ashok Nagar P And Sb Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI AshoknagarIFSC Code SBI Asset Recovery Branch
IFSC Code SBI Attapur HyderabadIFSC Code SBI B Nreddy Nagar
IFSC Code SBI BadangpetIFSC Code SBI Bagh Lingampally Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Bakaram HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Balanagar
IFSC Code SBI Balanagar-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Balkampet
IFSC Code SBI Balkampet-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Bandlaguda-Gaddiannaram
IFSC Code SBI Banjara HillsIFSC Code SBI Banjara Hills P And Sb Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Banjara Hills-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Barkas Hyderabad-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Barkas-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Barkatpura
IFSC Code SBI Barkatpura-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Bazar Ghat-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Begum Bazar-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Begumpet
IFSC Code SBI Begumpet-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Bellavista
IFSC Code SBI Bharatnagar ColonyIFSC Code SBI Bhel (R&D) Complex-Vikas Nagar Branch
IFSC Code SBI Bhel R&D Complex-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Bible House (R P Road)-Secunderabad
IFSC Code SBI BoduppalIFSC Code SBI Boduppal-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI BolaramIFSC Code SBI Bowenapally
IFSC Code SBI Budvel HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Cag Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Centralised Clearing Processing Centre-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Chaitanyapuri
IFSC Code SBI Chaitanyapuri HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Champapet
IFSC Code SBI ChandanagarIFSC Code SBI Chandanagar-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI ChandrayanaguttaIFSC Code SBI Chandulal Baradari-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI CharminarIFSC Code SBI Charminar-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI ChikkadpallyIFSC Code SBI Chintal
IFSC Code SBI Chintal-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Chirag Ali Lane-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Chirec Avenue KondapurIFSC Code SBI City Branch Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI City Centre(Hyderabad)IFSC Code SBI City Civil Court Br
IFSC Code SBI City Recovery Centre-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Collectoratecomplex
IFSC Code SBI Commercial BranchIFSC Code SBI Commercial Branch Secunerabad
IFSC Code SBI Commercial Branch-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Corporate Salary Branch
IFSC Code SBI CppcIFSC Code SBI Currency Administration Cell-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Cyber GatewayIFSC Code SBI Czech Colony Branch
IFSC Code SBI D D Colony HyderabadIFSC Code SBI D S S Bhavan Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Dabeerpura HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Daru Salam Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Dau Finanical Inclusion Head OfficeIFSC Code SBI Dd Colony-Bagh Amberpet
IFSC Code SBI Deccan Grameena BankIFSC Code SBI Defence Colony
IFSC Code SBI Defence Colony-SecunderabadIFSC Code SBI Dilsukh Nagar
IFSC Code SBI DilsukhnagarIFSC Code SBI Dilsuknagar
IFSC Code SBI Disaster Recovery Centre Drc HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Document Archival Centre-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Domalguda HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Doordarshan Road Branch
IFSC Code SBI Dr A S Rao Nagar-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Dr B R Ambedkar Open University Br
IFSC Code SBI Drdl-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Dwarakapuri-Punjagutta
IFSC Code SBI Ecil-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Edi Bazar
IFSC Code SBI English And Foreign Languages UniveIFSC Code SBI Erragadda
IFSC Code SBI Estate Dept Ho HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Exhibition Grounds Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Film Nagar-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Fslo-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Funds Settlement Link Office-TelanganaIFSC Code SBI Gaddi Annaram
IFSC Code SBI GaddiannaramIFSC Code SBI Gandhinagar-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI General BazarIFSC Code SBI Goc Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Golden Jubilee-Banjara HillsIFSC Code SBI Gowliguda-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Green Hills Colony HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Green Park Colony
IFSC Code SBI GruhakalpaIFSC Code SBI Gudimalkapur
IFSC Code SBI Gunfoundry BrIFSC Code SBI H C U Admin
IFSC Code SBI HabshigudaIFSC Code SBI Habsiguda
IFSC Code SBI HafeezpetIFSC Code SBI Hal Campus Balanagar
IFSC Code SBI HayatnagarIFSC Code SBI Hi Tech City Br
IFSC Code SBI Himayatnagar HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Himmatnagar
IFSC Code SBI Hitech CityIFSC Code SBI Hni Branch
IFSC Code SBI Huc-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Humayun Nagar-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Hussaini Alam HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Hyderabad Airport-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Hyderabad Ameerpet
IFSC Code SBI Hyderabad MainIFSC Code SBI Hyderabad Public School Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Hyderabad-Abid CircleIFSC Code SBI Hyderabad-Madhapur
IFSC Code SBI HydernagarIFSC Code SBI Hydernagar-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Idpl ColonyIFSC Code SBI Ifb
IFSC Code SBI Ifb-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Iicthyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Income Tax ColonyIFSC Code SBI Incometaxcolony
IFSC Code SBI Ind Finance BrIFSC Code SBI Industrial Estate-Kukatpally
IFSC Code SBI Inspection And Management Audit Department-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Isamia Bazar-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Jeedimetla Ind AreaIFSC Code SBI Jp Nagar-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Jubilee HillsIFSC Code SBI Jubilee Hills Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Jubilee Hills Yuva BranchIFSC Code SBI Jubilee Hills-Ii
IFSC Code SBI Jupitercolony TirumulgherryIFSC Code SBI Kacheguda
IFSC Code SBI Kakatiya Nagar HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Kamala Nagar-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Kamalapuri Colony-Jubilee HillsIFSC Code SBI Kanajiguda
IFSC Code SBI KapraIFSC Code SBI Kapra-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI KarmanghatIFSC Code SBI Karvan-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI KavadigudaIFSC Code SBI Kavadiguda-Secunderabad
IFSC Code SBI Kavuri HillsIFSC Code SBI Khairatabad-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI King Koti-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Kismatpur
IFSC Code SBI KompallyIFSC Code SBI Kondapur
IFSC Code SBI Kondapur HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Kothaguda-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Kothaguda-KokapetIFSC Code SBI Kothapet-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI KukatpallyIFSC Code SBI Kukatpally-9Th Phase Kphb
IFSC Code SBI Kukatpally-Kphb ColonyIFSC Code SBI Kukkatpally
IFSC Code SBI KushaigudaIFSC Code SBI L B Nagar-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI LalagudaIFSC Code SBI Lalguda
IFSC Code SBI Lanco Hills-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Langar House
IFSC Code SBI Langar House-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Liberty Centre-Himayatnagar
IFSC Code SBI M L A Colony BranchIFSC Code SBI M-G-Road-Secunderabad
IFSC Code SBI Macha BolarumIFSC Code SBI Madhapur
IFSC Code SBI MadhuranagarIFSC Code SBI Madinaguda-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI MahaboobgunjIFSC Code SBI Mahendra Hills
IFSC Code SBI Malakpet HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Malkajgiri
IFSC Code SBI Mallampet RoadIFSC Code SBI Mallapur
IFSC Code SBI MallepalliIFSC Code SBI Manikonda
IFSC Code SBI MansoorabadIFSC Code SBI Market Street-Secunderabad
IFSC Code SBI Masab Tank HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Mclau-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Mega Document Archival CentreIFSC Code SBI Mehdipatnam
IFSC Code SBI Mehdipatnam GarrisonIFSC Code SBI Mehdipatnam-Lic Colony
IFSC Code SBI Metro Zone HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Metropolitan Criminal Courts Br
IFSC Code SBI Miccorporate Branch HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Mid Corporate Branch-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Mid Corporate Regional Office-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Military College Of Electronics & Mech-Engg-(Mceme)
IFSC Code SBI Mir Alam Mandi-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Mjj Road-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Mogalpura HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Moghalpura
IFSC Code SBI Mohan NagarIFSC Code SBI Motinagar
IFSC Code SBI Moula AliIFSC Code SBI Moula Ali-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Mudfort-SecunderabadIFSC Code SBI Municipal Complex Tank Bund
IFSC Code SBI Musarambagh ChowrastaIFSC Code SBI Musheerabad
IFSC Code SBI My Home Jewel MadinagudaIFSC Code SBI Mylargadda
IFSC Code SBI N R I Branch HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Nacharam Industrial Area
IFSC Code SBI NagaramIFSC Code SBI Nallagandla
IFSC Code SBI Nallakunta HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Nampalli Stn Rd
IFSC Code SBI Nampally Branch-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Nanakramguda
IFSC Code SBI Narayanguda-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI New Bhoiguda
IFSC Code SBI New Mallepally-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI New Vidyanagar Hyd
IFSC Code SBI NfcIFSC Code SBI Nmdc Br
IFSC Code SBI Nri Branch SecunderabadIFSC Code SBI Nri Branch-Jubilee Hill
IFSC Code SBI Nri HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Oad Ho Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Oad Zo HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Oad Zo Secunderabad
IFSC Code SBI Oad-Lho-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Old Bowenpally
IFSC Code SBI Old Malakpet-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Old Mla Qtrs
IFSC Code SBI Osmangunj-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Osmania General Hospital-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Osmania Medical Collage HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Osmania University Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Overseas BrIFSC Code SBI Overseas Branch Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI P And S B VikrampuriIFSC Code SBI P And Sb Mehdipatnam Br
IFSC Code SBI Padmarao NagarIFSC Code SBI Padmarao Nagar-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Paradise Circle Branch-SecunderabadIFSC Code SBI Parishrama Bhawan-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Pbb Abids-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Pbb Dilsukhnagarhyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Pbb Gunrock-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Pbb Jubilee Hills-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Pbb Kukatpally-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Pbb Masab Tank-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Pbb Raj Bhavan Road-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Pbb Red Hills-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Pbb SaifabadIFSC Code SBI Pbb Sp Road Secunderabad
IFSC Code SBI Platinum Branch HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Pragathi Nagar Branch
IFSC Code SBI PragathinagarkukatpallyIFSC Code SBI Prashant Nagar (Uppal)-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Prashantnagar HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Prashasan Nagar-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Premises Dept Ho HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Prendherghast Rd
IFSC Code SBI Punjagutta HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Puranapool Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Racpc DilsukhnagarIFSC Code SBI Racpc Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Racpc Hyderabad-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Racpc Moula Ali
IFSC Code SBI Racpc-Iii HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Racpchyderabad
IFSC Code SBI RajendranagarIFSC Code SBI Ramanthapur
IFSC Code SBI Ramanthapur HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Ramkoti
IFSC Code SBI RamnagarIFSC Code SBI Ramnagar Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Rbo I MehdipatnamIFSC Code SBI Rbo Ii Dilsukhnagar
IFSC Code SBI Rbo Iii MadhapurIFSC Code SBI Rbo Iv Himayatnagar
IFSC Code SBI Rbo R1 Hyderabad MetroIFSC Code SBI Rbo Ramachandrapuram
IFSC Code SBI Rbo Sce Hyderabad MetroIFSC Code SBI Rbo Warangal
IFSC Code SBI Rbo-Ii-Hyderabad MetroIFSC Code SBI Rbo-Iii-Hyderabad Metro
IFSC Code SBI Rbo-NalgondaIFSC Code SBI Rbo-Region-V-Ao-1 Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Rbo-Region-Vi-Ao-1 HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Rcpc Ramachandrapuram
IFSC Code SBI Region Iii CzIFSC Code SBI Rproad
IFSC Code SBI Rr District CollectorateIFSC Code SBI Saidabad
IFSC Code SBI Saidabad Br HydIFSC Code SBI Sairamnagar Colony
IFSC Code SBI Samb-SecunderabadIFSC Code SBI Sanathnagar
IFSC Code SBI SanatnagarIFSC Code SBI Sanjeeva Reddy Ngr
IFSC Code SBI Sanjeevareddy NagarIFSC Code SBI Saraswathinagar
IFSC Code SBI Sardar Patel NagarIFSC Code SBI Saroornagar Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Sbh RacpcIFSC Code SBI Sbiicm-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Sbiintouch BegumpetIFSC Code SBI Sbiintouch Himayatnagar
IFSC Code SBI Sbiintouch Jntu CircleIFSC Code SBI Sbiintouch Madhapur
IFSC Code SBI Sbiintouch-DilsukhnagarIFSC Code SBI Sbiintouch-Sindhi Colony
IFSC Code SBI Sbiintouchlite-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Secretariat Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI SecunderabadIFSC Code SBI Secunderabad-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Secunderabad-Saragan RdIFSC Code SBI Secunderabad-Sarojini Devi Road
IFSC Code SBI Seie KattedonIFSC Code SBI Serilingampalle
IFSC Code SBI Service Br HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Service Branch Hyderabad-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Service Branch-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Shalivahana Nagar
IFSC Code SBI Shamshergunj-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Shantinagar Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI ShapurnagarIFSC Code SBI Shivaji Nagar-Secunderabad
IFSC Code SBI Shivaramapally BrIFSC Code SBI Sib Saifabad-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Sme Branch-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Smec Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Smeccc HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Smeccc-2 Kukatpally
IFSC Code SBI Somaji Guda-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Somajiguda
IFSC Code SBI Spl Cash Admn BranchIFSC Code SBI Sri Venkateswara Colony
IFSC Code SBI Srinagar ColonyIFSC Code SBI Srinagar Colony Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Sripurambranch HyderbadIFSC Code SBI St-Johns Road-Secunderabad
IFSC Code SBI St-Marys Road-SecunderabadIFSC Code SBI State Bank Institute Of Rural Development
IFSC Code SBI State Bank Staff CollegeIFSC Code SBI Stationery Dept Ho Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Stressed Assets Management Branch HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Sultanbazar Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Tarnaka HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Temple Branch-Kukatpally
IFSC Code SBI Tfcpc HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Tfcpc Hyderabad-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Toli Chowki HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Tolichowki
IFSC Code SBI Trade Finance CpcIFSC Code SBI Treasury Branch Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI TrimulgherryIFSC Code SBI Triveni Complex Branch-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Tulsi Ngr BrIFSC Code SBI Tulsinagar-Kukatpally
IFSC Code SBI Uppal BrIFSC Code SBI Vaidehinagar
IFSC Code SBI Vanastalipuram HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Vanasthalipuram-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Vasundhara Jubilee Senorita Banking CentreIFSC Code SBI Vengalrao Nagar
IFSC Code SBI Vengalrao Nagar HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Venkatagiri
IFSC Code SBI Viduth Soudha HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Vidyanagar Hyderabad-Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Vidyanagar-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Vijayanagar Colony
IFSC Code SBI VijayapuriIFSC Code SBI Warasiguda
IFSC Code SBI West Malkajgiri BrIFSC Code SBI West Marredpally
IFSC Code SBI West Marredpally-HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Yapral
IFSC Code SBI YellareddygudaIFSC Code SBI Yousufguda
IFSC Code SBI Yousufguda HyderabadIFSC Code SBI Zio Hyderabad
IFSC Code SBI Zonal Office-Hyderabad 
Technical words
  • NEFT
  • RTGS

What is BIC

Bank Identifier Code (BIC), SWIFT codes and Routing Code are basically the same.


Internation banks Routing Code, SWIFT codes & Bank Identifier Code (BIC)are basically the same.

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) (also known as ISO 9362, SWIFT-BIC, BIC code, SWIFT ID or SWIFT code) is a standard format of Business Identifier Codes approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is a unique identification code for both financial and non-financial institutions. (When assigned to a non-financial institution, a code may also be known as a Business Entity Identifier or BEI.) These codes are used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers, and also for the exchange of other messages between banks. The codes can sometimes be found on account statements. SWIFT and BIC codes are basically the same.
The SWIFT code is 8 or 11 characters,
Example: BBBBUS3M489
  • BBBB 4 letters: Institution Code or bank code.
  • US 2 letters: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code
  • 3M 2 letters or digits: location code
  • If the second character is "0", then it is typically a test BIC as opposed to a BIC used on the live network.
  • If the second character is "1", then it denotes a passive participant in the SWIFT network
  • If the second character is "2", then it typically indicates a reverse billing BIC, where the recipient pays for the message as opposed to the more usual mode whereby the sender pays for the message.
  • 489 last 3 letters or digits: branch code.
Where an 8-digit code is given, it may be assumed that it refers to the primary office.

SWIFT Code State Bank of India (SBI) Hyderabad , Telangana

SWIFT Code State Bank of India (SBI) used to Transfer fund to International banks. SWIFT Code State Bank of India (SBI) Hyderabad , Telangana are provide the broadest coverage of national bank identifiers. SWIFT Code is identifying State Bank of India (SBI) Hyderabad , Telangana State branches. SWIFT Code of State Bank of India (SBI) is unique for each branch in Hyderabad , Telangana State.

What is IFSC CODE of State Bank of India (SBI) Hyderabad District, Telangana State

The Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) is an alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies a Bank-Branch participating in the two main Electronic Funds Settlement Systems in India: the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) systems. IFSC is used by the NEFT & RTGS systems to route the messages to the destination banks / branches. Bank-wise list of IFSCs is available with all the bank-branches participating in interbank Electronic Funds Transfer. List of bank-branches participating in NEFT/RTGS and their IFSCs is available on the website of RBI & also. IFSC Code consists of 11 Characters: (ex. BBBB0010476)
  • First 4 characters represent the entity (BBBB#######)
  • Fifth position has been defaulted with a '0' (Zero) for future use (####0######)
  • Last 6 character denotes the branch identity (#####010476)
IFSC CODE of State Bank of India (SBI) Hyderabad District, Telangana State

IFSC Code State Bank of India (SBI) can be used in RTGS & NEFT finance transfer systems. IFSCCodes of State Bank of India (SBI) Hyderabad District, Telangana state are provided by RBI. IFSC Code identifies State Bank of India (SBI) branches which participate in online fund transfers. IFSCcode State Bank of India (SBI) is a unique code for each branch in Hyderabad District, Telangana state.

How to use IFSC Code State Bank of India (SBI) for NEFT & RTGS fund transfer

To do online funds transfer the IFSC Code State Bank of India (SBI) is required. List of State Bank of India (SBI) IFSC Codes provided are State Bank of India (SBI) Branches respectively. This information can also be used to do online banking. Online mode of payments can be used for transactions like insurance premium payments, Mobile bill payments, Bus and Train ticket booking, flight tickets booking, online shopping, loan emi payments, online Share/equity Trading a/c Fund Transfer, buying mutual funds, bonds and more...

What is State Bank of India (SBI) BSR Code

Basic Statistical Return (BSR) Income Tax Department's initiative to receive information and maintain records of tax paid through banks through online upload of challan details is named as OLTAS (Online Tax Accounting System). The collecting bank branch will put a rubber stamp on the challan and its counterfoil indicating a unique Challan Identification Number (CIN) comprising of seven digit BSR Code allotted by RBI to that bank branch, the date of deposit (dd/ mm/ yy i.e. six digits), and the challan serial number in 5 digits. CIN will, therefore, be unique for each challan through out the country and will be used for identifying the challan in the OLTAS.