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Find All Banks / Institutions SWIFT Code in URUGUAY (UY)
  BIC code  
 SWIFT Codes of Afinidad A F A P S A
 SWIFT Codes of Almar S A
 SWIFT Codes of Antel
 SWIFT Codes of Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Uruguay S A
 SWIFT Codes of Banco Central Del Uruguay
 SWIFT Codes of Banco De La Nacion Argentina
 SWIFT Codes of Banco De La Republica Oriental Del Uruguay
 SWIFT Codes of Banco De Prevision Social
 SWIFT Codes of Banco De Seguros Del Estado
 SWIFT Codes of Banco Galicia Uruguay S A
 SWIFT Codes of Banco Hipotecario Del Uruguay
 SWIFT Codes of Banco Itau
 SWIFT Codes of Banco Patagonia (Uruguay) S A I F E
 SWIFT Codes of Banco Santander
 SWIFT Codes of Bandes Uruguay S A
 SWIFT Codes of Banque Heritage (Uruguay) S A
 SWIFT Codes of Bapro Uruguay
 SWIFT Codes of Bcc Credit And Finance (Uruguay) S A
 SWIFT Codes of Bolsa De Valores De Montevideo
 SWIFT Codes of Caja De Jub Y Pens Bancarias
 SWIFT Codes of Caja De Jub Y Pens Profesion Univers
 SWIFT Codes of Caja Notarial De Jubilaciones Y Pens
 SWIFT Codes of Cambio Regional S A
 SWIFT Codes of Centro Financiero Cooperativo
 SWIFT Codes of Chase Manhattan Investments S A
 SWIFT Codes of Citibank N A Uruguay
 SWIFT Codes of Columbusnet S A
 SWIFT Codes of Copab
 SWIFT Codes of Cuentas Del F G D B
 SWIFT Codes of Depositario Central De Valores
 SWIFT Codes of Deutsche Bank (Uruguay) S A I F E
 SWIFT Codes of Discount Bank (Latin America)
 SWIFT Codes of Eurocam Sa
 SWIFT Codes of Exprinter (Uruguay) S A
 SWIFT Codes of Finacam S A
 SWIFT Codes of Fitch Uruguay Calificadora Riesgo S A
 SWIFT Codes of Fortigol S A
 SWIFT Codes of Gales Servicios Financieros S A
 SWIFT Codes of Hapoalim Latin America S A
 SWIFT Codes of Hsbc Bank (Uruguay) S A
 SWIFT Codes of I F E Banco Roberts S A (Uruguay)
 SWIFT Codes of Indumex S A
 SWIFT Codes of Integracion A F A P S A
 SWIFT Codes of Lespan S A
 SWIFT Codes of Leumi (Latin America) S A
 SWIFT Codes of Lloyds Tsb Bank Plc
 SWIFT Codes of Loyar S A
 SWIFT Codes of Lundin S A
 SWIFT Codes of Ministerio De Economia Y Finanzas
 SWIFT Codes of Money Sur S A
 SWIFT Codes of Nuevo Banco Comercial S A
 SWIFT Codes of Piano International Corp
 SWIFT Codes of Plataforma Transaccional Bevsa
 SWIFT Codes of Plataforma Transaccional Bvm
 SWIFT Codes of Republica A F A P S A
 SWIFT Codes of Secvaloris Sa
 SWIFT Codes of Sistema De Liquidacion Bruta
 SWIFT Codes of Sistema De Pagos Interbancarios
 SWIFT Codes of South Financial Corporation
 SWIFT Codes of Tpcg Financial Services S A
 SWIFT Codes of Transamerica Casa Bancaria
 SWIFT Codes of Union Capital A F A P S A
 SWIFT Codes of Ute
 SWIFT Codes of Varlix S A
 SWIFT Codes of Victor Paullier And Cia Sociedad De Bolsa S A
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  • NEFT
  • RTGS

What is SWIFT CODE of Banks in Uruguay (UY) Country ?
SWIFT Codes of Banks / Institution in Uruguay (UY) Country

SWIFT Codes of the Bank used to Transfer fund to International banks branches. SWIFT Codes of Bank / Institutions in Uruguay (UY) are provide the broadest coverage of national bank identifiers. SWIFT Code is identifying Bank branches in Uruguay (UY). SWIFT Code of Bank is unique for each branch in Uruguay (UY).

SWIFT Code of the Banks in country Uruguay (UY)

SWIFT Code Bank can be used in transferring money overseas. Swift codes of Bank Uruguay (UY) are provided by International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Swift Code identifies Bank branches which participate in Overseas fund transfers. Swiftcode Bank is a unique code for each branch.

Use of SWIFT Code of Bank branches Uruguay (UY)

Bank SWIFT Codes are used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers, and also for the exchange of other messages between banks. The codes can sometimes be found on account statements. To do Overseas funds transfer the SWIFT Code Bank is required. List of Bank SWIFT Codes provided are Bank Branches respectively.

What is BIC

Bank Identifier Code (BIC), SWIFT codes and Routing Code are basically the same.


International banks Routing Code, SWIFT codes & Bank Identifier Code (BIC)are basically the same.